Topic: The Christy Saga - SWEET CHEATER

I knew Christy had been cheating on me while I was taking a night class at college. I thought about just breaking up with her but I wanted more satisfation than that. After a few days of thinking of ideas, I came up with this...

I knew this Thursday night Christy's lover would arrive after I left for school. So, I had a black friend of mine, Rufus there awaiting Christy's lover to arrive. And sure enough, her lover did arrive. When he got out of his car Rufus approached him...
"How bout you git back in yo car befo I bust you up!" warned Rufus.
"W-What? W-Who....." he was nervous...
"Dont fuckin worry who I am boy, git in yo car and git da fuck outta here!"
Christy's pathetic white lover got in his car...
"And, one more thang boy, dont ever, I mean ever contact Christy again, or ill be talking to yo wife, you got me?"
"Y-Yea yessir, no problem, ill stay away and, and wont be calling her again..."
Her once white lover nervously but hurriedly drove off....

Inside the house, Christy is laying in bed, totally nude...theres a knock at the door...

"Come in" she says.
Rufus comes in and finds Christy in bed nude.
"Well, hello." he exclaims.
Christy eyes bulge, and she quickly covers up with a sheet.
"Who, who...are you?"
"Well you like cheatin on yo man, so here I am" Rufus explained.
"What are you talking about?" Christy playing dumb.
"Bitch, do even try dat shit, I got pictures of men comin here while your man is away!"
Christy eyes still bulged.
Rufus continues..."Do you want yo man to see these pics?"
"N-no..." Christy humbly replied.
"Well, you know what to do then, right?"
"y-yea..." Christy replied, removing the sheet.

Rufus set up a camcorder and then told Christy to come undress him.
After she removed his clothes he had her knew before him. His thick black penis throbbing in front of her face.
"Suck it, ho."
Christy complied and began working his big dic in her mouth.
With one hand on the back of her head and the other under her chin, Rufus began fucking her mouth, hard. When Christy tried to pull her mouth away, Rufus held her in place causing her to gag severely...tears began running down her face...he continued fucking her mouth, holding her in place. More tears, and now globs of spittle spewed out her fucked mouth....
Rufus continued, his thick dick pound her throat, more wet gagging spewing from her mouth and nose. Soon, spittle dangled from her mouth and nose down over her neck, small titties, in between her legs dripping to the floor...

"Dayum, yo ho mouth feels good!"
Rufus would stop momentarily allowing her to to vomit some spittle and catch her breath. Christy face was a mess, and her body covered in streams of spewed spit!

Rufus continued gripping Christy's head and soon began emptying his nuts.
"AaaaaRRrGgggggggggggggghhHHHhhhhhh!...y-yea! aaaarrgghhh! mmmmmmm, dayum ho!"  "Shrew!"

Rufus let loose of Christy's head and Christy embarrassedly noticed her messy body. She stood...
"Where you goin ho?" Rufus asked.
"To clean up" she nervouly replied.
"Yo git yo white ass on that bed ho, Im bout to eat dat white pussy!"
Christy complied.

Christy now her back, legs spread, Rufus began working his tongue on her swollen clit. Christy degraded but still loved the feel of his tongue nibbling her pussy clit. She began moaning..."You like dat shit dont ya ho?" "MMM yes...lick my pussy, mmmm"  Rufus kept licking her throbbing clit and began finger ficking her pussy. Christy's moans now getting louder and her body writhing around.... Rufus pulled his wet finger from her pussy and snuck it in her asshole. Christy's eyes opened and bulged..."P-Please no, not stinks...." she begged. "Shut the fuck up ho!" Rufus stated and pushed his finger in deeper.... That drove Christy over the edge, and she began orgasming like never before....