Topic: My Honeymoon GangBang

My Honeymoon GangBang (following My Weeding GangBang)

After her last gangbang in the African camp assylum 44, sandra and her fiance decided to go to the honeymoon.
Sandra fiance, gives three destinations (Hawaii, Thailand, Italy), but sandra for the opportunity to have lots of Big Black Cock.
She waits two days, and gives the idea has her fiancé Africa
Her fiance agreed to go in africa.
A week later, they left for their honeymoon.
The couple embarked on the plane (air africa), sandra see a black man stewart.
night falls quickly during the trip, sandra goes to the wc and is reachable by the black man to get fucked.
sandra will return to its seat, with cum on the side of the lips.
Sandra falls asleep, a steward comes the wake, she asks him to go to the cockpit
Four black man is waiting, the pilot engaged the aircraft autopilot mode
A gangbang BEGINS

Sandra and her fiance arrives in Africa.
they go to their hotel
A black man take their luggage and takes to their room
Taking the elevator, a black man touching her ass, he lifted her skirt and he inserted a finger in the ass.
sandra discreetly touches the big black cock of man.
The elevator opens and sandra and her fiance go to their room
They settled in the room, sandra thank the black man.
Later sandra and her fiance, go to the pool, sandra is super sexy bikini
her husband is embarrassed, he told her that her bikini and too sexy
sandra told him he know anyone in Africa, she wants all tanning
Another couple (other story, Prescilla and fiance) also go to the pool.
Sandra repere on the ankle of the other woman. a chain (chain cuckold)
The woman goes to bathe, sandra is a tan.
15min later sandra go swimming after a few strokes, she finds herself next to the woman.
Sandra begins the discution, she said she noticed her chain and she knows what she has is.
The woman said she loves the big black cock, sandra told her that tonight she will be fucked by black man more than possible, it is their honeymoon.
plan and wait for her husband fell asleep, that it all day she's gather all black men.
On aillor if she could help
the woman told him not to inquiter and let it gather all the black guy she can.
The hotel has 30 workers and has to fuck each of them.
sandra is happy, tonight will be the best night of his life.
Night came, sandra is prepared and expects her night.
the big shots are going to party at the club of the hotel, she meets the woman of the pool, which confirms that tonight she will be satisfied with big black cock
After dancing, the brides back to their room.
sandra is a sleeping pill drink with her married
Few minutes later sandra fiance falls asleep during a blowjob
A knock at the door, the woman of the pool for its night sandra
the elevator arrives
there is the man in the morning, sandra throws himself on the man to suck
the door opens on the 2nd floor, sandra gets fucked in the ass doggy style, in the elevator.
sandra sees the floor full of naked black  that awaited
sandra and brings back into the meeting room
sandra drools, the Gangbang BEGINS
all night sandra gets fucked by over 40black.
she empties the last black men
sandra and ruined, these holes are filled with cum
she asks the elevator, she discovers the woman of the pool also completely ruined and full of cum in the elevator.
in the corridor can follow sandra cum into her room.
she takes place in the bed.
knock at the door, sandra remembers his night.
The End